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Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Delivery

Only cryptocurrencies and tokens are accepted as payment in such account sales.
Payment methods such as PayPal and credit cards are strictly not accepted.
To be able to use such payment methods, you must have a long-standing collaboration with us.

We cannot provide extensive information on this subject because the procedures for purchasing cryptocurrency can vary depending on the country you are in. However, it is possible to easily purchase BTC through Telegram.

Follow these steps:
1. Log in to Telegram.
2. Type ‘@wallet’ in the search bar and start the wallet bot.
3. Create a new wallet and attempt to purchase BTC using your credit card.

Upon submitting your order and completing the payment, the purchased account along with all its associated information will be promptly delivered to your email address.

As stated in our first frequently asked question, we definitely do not accept credit card payments.

The accounts we sell are absolutely not stolen. All accounts are personally opened/created by us and verified entirely through our own methods. We have been selling accounts since 2009 and we know very well what needs to be done.

You may need to use VPN/Proxy on some accounts. This method may vary depending on the type of account you have purchased. When we deliver the account information, it already contains the information about whether you need to use VPN or not.

We offer a 10% discount coupon for purchasing multiple accounts. You can contact us via live chat to receive the coupon.

Once the account information is handed over to you, it shall be unequivocally erased from our storage. Thus, the entirety of the account information belongs solely to you, and no one else but you shall be able to access it. The responsibility of sharing the account information with someone else entirely rests upon you.

We absolutely refrain from purchasing any accounts.
If you happen to possess an account you wish to sell, we will not entertain this matter in any way.

Yes, you can purchase an account without becoming a member. However, before proceeding to the payment page, please ensure that you have entered the correct email address.
If the account information is delivered to an incorrect email address, we will not issue a refund or make another delivery.

We do not provide discounts on initial purchases, as considerable effort has been invested in enhancing and optimizing the accounts we offer for sale. Our team has dedicated significant amounts of time and resources to ensure that these accounts are in optimal condition.


Refunds and Warranty

We offer an eternal guarantee for the accounts that you have purchased from us. However, the nature of this guarantee may vary depending on the purpose for which you will be utilizing these accounts. In the event that you use them for fraudulent activities which result in the suspension of your accounts, the entirety of the guarantee will become void.

In order for you to return the accounts you have purchased, there are certain conditions that must be met.

1. No transactions should have been made on the account.
2. The account should not have been accessed from different IP addresses multiple times.
3. Refunds can only be requested for accounts that do not have ID information/photos.

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